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Family gatherings, celebrations and grieving.....

Holidays and family get togethers are hard when we are grieving. We feel the absence of our loved one acutely, wishing we could share this time and celebration with them, missing the sound of their laughter, the story they would tell for the ten thousandth time….

Embracing their absence and creating a new ritual around it can be a meaningful way to keep their presence alive in your circle, life, mind and heart.

We raise a glass “To the No-Shows” at the beginning of family get-togethers. It’s a public acknowledgement of the losses we have collectively experienced, bringing them into the room, at the table, partaking in the festivities and the love we are sharing.

Perhaps you could say their name, and think of them

Or make their favourite dish or the dish they would always cook

Play a cherished piece of music

Tell stories about them

Recount that story for the 10,001st time!

What do you and yours do? Please share!!

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