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My Films

At the core of my films and work is the desire to spark conversations about death and grief, and make them more accessible to us all. 


I wrote and directed my first short, STILLNESS, in response to the death of my nephew, Ryan, in 2016. It helped me process the loss and I have been so honored to witness cathartic and beautiful conversations after screenings.

This is a film about holding space for other people who are in pain.  It follows a photographer who comes to a hospital to take remembrance portraits for a family who have just suffered a stillbirth.  For her own personal reasons, she gives her time, talent and attention to people who are suffering.  


Whether you believe in an afterlife or not, the love we feel and connections we’ve shared are not lost; they exist in our neural pathways, they are etched into the fabric of our hearts, into who we are. In grief, we are all looking for comfort. We are seeking solace, a way to make sense of the world now with a gaping hole. 

Finding ways to stay connected with our loved ones  is at the heart of this film.  My work as a grief and loss coach has taught me that this is what most of my clients are looking for – how to live with the loss, and take forward the love and strength they garnered from their relationship, and keep that bond vibrant and alive. 

So I ask – what signs are our loved ones sending us, and how can we open our awareness to their love?  

We are shooting in July!  If you would like to support us, please consider donating here:


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