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Working with me

When we suffer a loss – whether a death, a move, a breakup, a firing (just to name a few, this is by no means a complete list) – we are wounded.  It affects us physically, we may sleep too much or not enough, our appetites change, we move more slowly, we have difficulty thinking, we may weep, ruminate and develop aches in our muscles, in our heads, our bones, not just our hearts. It affects us spiritually - we may have a crisis of faith or confidence. 


Our identity comes into question:


Who am I now without (fill in the blank)?  Who am I now that I've suffered this way?  Who am I now that I'm not that anymore?

"Rachel’s ability to listen deeply and ask poignant, direct questions while at the same time allowing you space to unravel your thoughts and feelings, supporting you with kindness and compassion, is truly life changing." - Tara F.

This is the work we will do together. We will investigate, be curious, tell stories, laugh and cry together. 

I’ll guide you through storytelling, creative writing prompts, embodiment techniques to deepen your insight and let yourself feel all the feels in safety, without judgement. 

"Rachel's approach is deeply caring and nurturing. At the same time she acts as a guide through difficult realisations and questions. Rachel works practically, including setting personal work outside the sessions and then coming together to investigate this work, with care and a deep sense of listening." - Fiona D.

You’ll find your joy and your love again.  You’ll release the anguish.  This isn’t to say the pain will go away completely - it won’t!  But it won’t be so overwhelming, and you will gain clarity about who you are now that you’ve been through this experience.

"Her empathy, humour, intelligence and lived experience make her the perfect partner in journeying through grief. When I reached out to Rachel I was in the stormy waves of the recent loss of my brother, and Rachel offered a warm, dry lifeboat from which to navigate the grief. " - Kendra R.

If you want to find out more, get in touch.  I would love to hear from you.

"I was initially hesitant and a bit sceptical about discussing my feelings with a ‘stranger’, however from the first moment I spoke with Rachel, she did not feel like a stranger. She has a unique way of making you feel comfortable and at ease, and I shared more than I ever thought I would. If anyone is struggling with loss, I would highly recommend connecting with Rachel. I would not be in the place I am now, had it not been for her." - Sinead Q.

My Coaching Support

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One to One Coaching

Together, we will travel to the other side of grief by tapping into your creativity to process your losses, realign your coping skills and find joy and peace for tomorrow.​

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Group Coaching

Weekly guided group work, exercises and sharing.

Plus witnessing, guided meditations and weekly journaling prompts.


FREE Session

I offer a FREE 30 minute session to see if what I do can support your needs

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