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Rachel Fowler

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Grief Guide & Coach

My mission is to give you a safe, comforting space to feel all the big feelings and conflicting emotions around the changes, losses or uncertainty you are facing.  I also find comfort in writing and storytelling, so I invite you to do the same. 

Grief is transformative.  It changes us, moulds us into something new.  It takes intention and reflection and being present to fully appreciate the metamorphosis, and to accept it, welcome it, turn towards it.

I'll guide you through, ​I'll listen and I'll witness. 


Together we'll remember, we'll explore, we'll reframe, we'll cry and we'll laugh.

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an 8 week creative non-fiction course,
starting September 11th

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Join me for a free taster/info session on September 5th, 6pm UK Time.   
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Rachel is a profoundly intuitive and engaging guide on the topic of grief. Her 'Write Your Grief' course is set up to allow you time and space to meet your heart where it is in the moment. For me, I knew I was grieving, but I couldn't identify what it was that was causing the grief. Through our weeks of writing and discussion, I was able to engage with myself in an intentional and thought provoking way. Listening to the other participants share their work gave me courage to look at myself honestly - and though there was allotted time for sharing, it never felt forced. I highly recommend this course, regardless of where you are in your journey with grief. Whether you are grappling with something concrete or simply grieving the passage of time, this course will give you a creative space to sift through your emotions and ultimately give you strength to continue moving towards peace.     - KATHERINE KERMAN

What now?

Is this the only question on your mind these days? What now?

A familiar pattern of behaviour is coming to an end or has ended.

Grief comes from change.  Sometimes huge, sometimes smaller more subtle shifts.  Endings are inevitable and necessary, and HARD.  Your identity becomes fuzzy and you feel untethered, unmoored, at bay.


  • You have an empty nest. What now?

  • You are divorced. What now?

  • You've retired. What now?

  • You've lost your job. What now?

  • You or someone you love has a terminal diagnosis. What now?

  • Your loved one died away. What now?

Now is the time to explore, to discover, to remember.  That's what.

Over the course of 3 months, we will dive into your losses using your creativity, your imagination and find realignment.

I can hold that space for you.  I'd be honored to.  Humbled too.  

(oh and I am not afraid of being feelings, bring 'em on!)


Associate and Revival Director, Actor & Performance Coach

"Rachel has been working with me these last months as a grief counselor after the loss of my father. Rachel's approach is deeply caring and nurturing. At the same time she acts as a guide through difficult realisations and questions. Rachel works practically, including setting personal work outside the sessions and then coming together to investigate this work, with care and a deep sense of listening. Rachel also allows a space when answers are difficult or unclear. Grief has been a difficult thing to understand and Rachel has offered clear choices at times when I have been unable to see a way forward."

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Start building your life again!

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