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I've just come off an incredible week in Brighton, working with Bryony Kimmings and 16 other artists.

We danced, we asked questions of ourselves and the world, we wrote, we sang, we cried, we laughed, we created art and shared it, and mostly, we bared our souls. To each other, to ourselves.

I've been writing a lot lately, and I find it a very lonely experience, and sometimes the biggest hurdle is getting started.

Bryony beautifully identifies that voice that tells us to stop, to not bother, to judge before we've even tried anything. She helped us set it aside, guiding us step by step into a bottomless basket of ideas, questions, forms. We all now have infinite ways of looking at something, and I, for one, feel I have the courage to just fucking do it.

I'm in awe of what was created on the last day -- each person got up and gave themselves up to a truth they needed to share, embody, have witnessed. I am still buzzing from the day and the utter genius of the group.

Here are a few takeaways. I am still processing the week, and I am sure the learning will deepen as I continue to put it all into practice.

Ask questions. A question that moves you becomes a quest.

Dance, move your body, then come back to your work.

Find contradictions, throw them together, see what happens.

Make decisions to create limits, then play within those limits.

The next one is in September, book your spot now!!!

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