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Dancing Mobile

Part of processing the loss of a loved one is an accounting – not merely of money or goods, but of relationships.

Our lives are filled with relationships, friends, co-workers, family, acquaintances. When someone dies, there is a hole left, a space, an absence. Some may rush to fill that hole, in part to keep the status quo. The desire for familiarity to soothe our pain, our grief might rob us of an opportunity to re-evaluate.

Think of your life like a mobile, different elements moving from a gentle breeze, and when each one moves, it causes another to counter, or move in tandem. It’s a dance, it can be beautiful, gentle, or hard swinging.

An absence sets it off balance.

If we can pause long enough to consider the absence and not rush to fill it, we have the opportunity to see the mobile twirl in a new way, maybe letting one or more elements go to create more balance, or a whole new piece of art.

The change of perspective is a chance to choose something different. To let go of who or what no longer serves, no longer lifts us up, or what is simply weighing us down.

An ending has cracked open our lives to a new beginning, and we have an opportunity to transform in a way we choose. It requires intention, focus, and allowing.

This is part of the work of grieving. Part of the work we can do together.

Beautiful Mobile by La Sardine Mobile:

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